Upcoming Contents Restoration Training Events

2020 dates coming soon.

Watch this page for updates.

On-Site Contents Restoration Training

On-site contents restoration training eliminates the need to travel and ensures that everyone at your company who needs training is included. Every phase of the claim is reviewed in detail by an experienced contents professional who has overseen numerous jobs in the field and in production. Contents Restoration Training is centered on up-dated methods that tie the pack out to cleaning and billing. These are modern practices used today at a high volume contents company. Everything from the initial call; to the Pack Out, to line cleaning, to invoicing and return is reviewed so that your company is prepared for all scenarios.

Hands on training with ultrasonics is available to users of all brands including; Omegasonics and Fireline.

Course Overview

This training course is based on the day to day best practices of a successful high volume contents restoration company. Every process has been created with the customer in mind and their satisfaction at the end of the claim. The trial and error of operating a contents division has been done in the field over several years. The Pack Out is the focal point of contents restoration. We carefully examine the procedures for maintaining a strong inventory and packing techniques that translate into stress free cleaning. Contents specific invoice building and marketing round out the program with proven techniques that will accelerate the growth of your business.


  1. Establish best practice procedures and protocols for the Pack Out and Cleaning.
  2. Review the invoicing process as it relates to contents restoration.
  3. Apply marketing techniques to develop new contents claims.
  4. Achieve mastery in the use ultrasonic technology.

Who should attend this course?

This course is designed for owners, managers and technicians. Each person in the production chain will benefit from the end to end review of the claims process. Establishing procedures with technicians at every level shortens the learning curve that sometimes takes years to overcome. Contents Restoration is largely procedural with a high satisfactory claims outcome achieved when all staff members are trained for success. Contents claims become problematic when we deviate from proven methods. Owners and managers will be asked to re-evaluate existing systems and look out for service inefficiencies that can costs you thousands over the course of a year.


Participants in the two day program with existing iicrc certification will earn two continuing education credits. All who attend will receive Real Contents Training certification demonstrating that each participant has been thoroughly educated on the core fundamentals of the pack out and cleaning.

Call (919) 694-RCRT to speak with us about scheduling a training event at your facility. We will work with your staff to maximize your cleaning operation and create a more profitable contents division.

Spanish language instructions

On-Site Spanish language instruction for Ultrasonic cleaning technicians available. Contact us for details.