David Gavilanes entered the contents restoration industry at a pivotal time when ultrasonic technology and inventory software became the standard for quality. It was at the Contents Team in Raleigh NC where David quickly ascended to Field Services Manager after successfully overseeing the transition to inventory software and along the way created field standards which drastically cut pack out times. Sales and marketing assignments soon followed and David hit the road to meet with agents, adjusters and contractors to create relationships that are still in place today.

In 2013, David became the Director of Advertising and Public Relations for the Contents Industry Review.  The job entailed more than the title suggested. Responsibilities included laying out the magazine from scratch, soliciting advertisers and articles while occasionally contributing as a writer himself.

In the summer of 2016 David departed the CIR to start Real Contents Training. One of his earliest responsibilities at the Contents Team was to train all staff on software and then Pack Out procedures. David knew there was not a training program out there that taught as efficiently as he did when he had to train for real life situations. David went back to Raleigh to harness the information needed to develop Real Contents Training. Now, in addition to his program, David Gavilanes is also the trainer for Omegasonics.


For a number of years I have noticed a problem with the tunnel dryers in our industry. For whatever reason many of them don’t circulate air! An ultrasonic cleaning line has a loading station, a pre-wash, an ultrasonic bath, a rinse station and a dryer. The dryer has been the bottle neck in what should be a fast and efficient process. The speed and precision of ultrasonic technology has been handicapped by this glaring oversight…with one exception.
I recently had the chance to visit the Omegasonics factory in Simi Valley, California. I was given a tour and saw step by step the process where thousands of PZT crystals are stored for curing and then assembled into transducer packs. Ultrasonic generators were assembled in a separate room and throughout the plant various tasks were delegated to some of the happiest employees I have ever seen.
I stopped in my tracks near the end of the tour when I saw the back of Omegasonics tunnel dryer. Huzzah! An air re-circulation system! The common sense solution to the cleaning line bottle neck was right in front of me. Needless to say Omegasonics impressed me in a lot of ways on my visit, but so much so that I was immediately compelled to write this post.