For a number of years I have noticed a problem with the tunnel dryers in our industry. For whatever reason many of them don’t circulate air! An ultrasonic cleaning line has a loading station, a pre-wash, an ultrasonic bath, a rinse station and a dryer. The dryer has been the bottle neck in what should be a fast and efficient process. The speed and precision of ultrasonic technology has been handicapped by this glaring oversight…with one exception.
I recently had the chance to visit the Omegasonics factory in Simi Valley, California. I was given a tour and saw step by step the process where thousands of PZT crystals are stored for curing and then assembled into transducer packs. Ultrasonic generators were assembled in a separate room and throughout the plant various tasks were delegated to some of the happiest employees I have ever seen.
I stopped in my tracks near the end of the tour when I saw the back of Omegasonics tunnel dryer. Huzzah! An air re-circulation system! The common sense solution to the cleaning line bottle neck was right in front of me. Needless to say Omegasonics impressed me in a lot of ways on my visit, but so much so that I was immediately compelled to write this post.

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