I am a big supporter of inventory software and I encourage everyone to use software regardless of brand. However, a lot of companies have not made that jump and are still collecting inventory on pen and paper. It’s hard to break away from processes that are not perfect but have gotten the job done. My concern, having started in the industry with paper inventory is the vulnerability to damage and the added unnecessary work to restore a manifest. A spilled cup of coffee can force you into a long process of counting boxes and re-writing the data. If an inventory device is damaged the data can always be retrieved from the cloud.

The inventory process is primarily to record what we are packing out. There is also data collection that assists with the billing process. The number of boxes we make are counted so we can be paid back for our material. The box size matters if we are billing the cleaning portion piecemeal. (ex. BXBM vs. BXBS)

What about the blankets, stretch wrap, bubble wrap etc.?

Inventory software is great but does not collect data on all material used. This is significant if the person composing the estimate is not in the field and is only working off the data from pictures and inventory reports. A daily crew time-sheet that captures this information can be vital to writing an estimate that does not leave out materials.

One can be created as a Word or Google doc using the following information fields:

  • Job Name
  • Date
  • Job Number
  • Project Manager
  • Total Hours
  • Total Employees
  • Total Supervisors
  • Total Labor
  • Total Supervisor
  • Equipment
  • PPE
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Stretch Wrap
  • Boxes – SM, MED, LG, LAMP, WARD. etc.


Additional checklists can be added to the DCTS. I like to include Room Photos as a checklist. See below how I made mine and create one for yourself if you think you are not capturing all the daily job info you need.

A great way to record info on Pack Outs.

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