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When was the last time you fixed someone? Identified their problems, gave them advice and set them on a new course – probably never. People are more or less who they are, and they rarely ever make radical changes. That isn’t to say that their circumstances don’t improve or that no one ever perseveres in the face of adversity. People don’t succeed by changing who they are. They change their surroundings and focus on their strengths rather than on their weaknesses.

What does this have to do with contents restoration?

Contents restoration is a discipline like all phases of restoration. We can all excel in this field as long as we know our limitations and know how to leverage our strengths. There are basic fundamentals and procedures that most of us should follow. There is equipment you can buy to speed up the cleaning process. There are invoicing strategies you can use to maximize profitability. There are thousands of men and women in our industry that have taken some sort of contents training workshop and hundreds that have bought cleaning equipment. Can we assume that everyone who has taken these steps is a top level contents restorer?

Have a plan that suits your environment. You may not operate in a market that allows you to grow to 200 pack outs a year. You may not have found the contents manager who embraces the challenges that that position presents. Or you did find the right contents manager but he/she may not have the right personnel. You may have the right people but you failed to provide them with adequate resources such as storage space, vehicles and cleaning technology.

No one thing is going to fix your contents division but you can get better by identifying what kind of company you are; what are your resources, what are your limitations, and maximize your strengths.

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