Inertia in people is commonly characterized with the phrase ‘A body at rest, stays at rest’. It is the inability to ‘Just do it’. So how does this manifestation creep into the part of your company that handles contents? The answer is something I see all too often. It happens when we accept that our pack outs take as long as they do because that is how long it takes. Cleaning takes a year and a day and the quality is not where you would like it to be but you just accept it. You have done contents for years and have seldom ever thought of changing. That is how a contents division suffers from Inertia.

So how did I avoid this entirely? Fortunately I worked for a company with strong leadership. I entered the property and claims industry as a contents technician. My first impression of a pack out was thinking to myself ‘there has to be a better way than this’. I was asked for my opinion and ownership had a strong desire to make improvements and provide the staff with the tools to succeed.

When providing training, I keep it simple. I explain how to manage a pack out with order and precision. I talk about the cleaning process and repeat myself often, so when I leave, each person can go on and teach the next person. The simplicity is what grabs my students. No matter how long someone has been doing pack outs “their way,” they instantly recognize that my way is better. The best cure for inertia is motivation. Motivation comes when a clear path to success is presented to you.

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Summer/Fall Classroom Training Dates

Paulsboro, NJ June 21-22, 2017

Location: Aramsco/ Interlink Supply | 1480 Grandview Avenue | Paulsboro, NJ | 08066

Dallas, TX July 18-19, 2017

Location: Aramsco/ Interlink Supply | 10702 King William Dr. | Dallas, TX | 75220

Orlando, FL August 17-18, 2017

Location: Aramsco/ Interlink Supply of Orlando | 1035 W. Amelia Street | Orlando, FL | 32805

Nashville, TN October 18-19, 2017

Location: Aramsco/ Interlink Supply of Nashville | 910 Fiber Glass Road | Nashville, TN | 37210

Seattle, WA  November 8-9, 2017

Location: Aramsco/Interlink Supply of Seattle | 18436 Cascade Ave S Suite 100 | Seattle, WA | 98188

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