Real Content Restoration Training

Dear Mr. Gavilanes,

Thank you so much for the great contents training you gave to our facility. Your
training was in great detail and was laid out in such a way that it was easy to follow. It
was enjoyed by all who attended.
Some of the areas that helped us the most were paperwork trail, a form for every possible
scenario, setting expectations (Setting up the job with the customer), along with
Xactimate charges. Although we have always used Xactimate, we learned and went over
billable items that we haven’t used in the past. This alone probably more than paid us
back for the training cost.
Last but not least, the training was NOT boring and the “hands on” stories really made
the training seem to be in real-life settings. The one thing I thought was great was
empowering our people to “Take care of the problem and move on to the next task”
(Problem Solving and time management).
I would HIGHLY recommend your training to anyone in need.

Wayne R. Terry
PuroClean Emergency Services, Jacksonville, FL

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