The Real Contents Restoration Training course was a great investment for the company. I’ve personally had nearly 7 years of contents restoration experience and still found the training to be extremely helpful. It was simple enough for my newest employees to easily follow along with and soak in the information, while at the same time being just as detailed for the longer tenured employees to get plenty of value as well.

David was a fantastic instructor and it was easy to see right off the bat he really knew what he was talking about. David was always willing to stop and answer any questions in ways that was easy for everybody to understand and relate to. The best part of the course in my opinion is Dave was very interested in how WE operate and what works for us. He was able to adapt his training in way that made sense for our process and focused on what tweaks could be made to improve our system rather than spending a lot of time on areas we already do really well. This was hands down the best contents training course I’ve ever participated in and would HIGHLY recommend it to anybody who is serious about being at the leading front of contents restoration professionals.

Jason Boulton
Contents Branch General Manager
Hays + Sons Restoration

Referral Letter to David Gavilanes

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