The 2019 Contractor Connections Conference had many outstanding exhibitors. A few of them are shining stars in the world of contents restoration. Two of these are companies you want to keep in your back pocket because they may be the ones to come to the rescue when the scope of a loss is outside of your expertise… and the third one can open an untapped revenue stream. 

Carolina Conservation had a live demonstration that allowed the attendees to see first hand the finer points of art conservation.
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This year Carolina Conservation team members made the drive from Columbia, South Carolina to Dallas with a very impressive (hand made) display. Although not the biggest display at the expo, it was the most inventive. Attendees were able to see first hand some of the processes involved in art restoration and conservation. 
More from their website: Since 2005, Carolina Conservation has provided fine art conservation for the insurance restoration industry, as well as private and institutional clients across the United States. Our focus on disaster response and proper treatment for collections suffering fire and water damage makes our studio the only fine art conservation studio of its kind in the country.

Joe Pampinella, VP National Accounts manager

Have you ever been asked to take in all the electronics from a call center or asked to bid the repair of an MRI? Chances are you haven’t, but if you did ever land a job that required a higher level of expertise in electronics recovery you should probably call Electrostar Electronics Recovery Solutions. You can lean more about them at

John Koniarczyk
Odell Electronics Cleaning Stations

Okay, you’re going to outsource the crazy electronics jobs to Electrostar; what about all the elctronics that are a part of every pack out? There is no reason to give that away. Fact is, with a little training (from Real Contents Training) and the right equipment, you can be the trusted source for electronics restoration in your area. John Koniarczyk has been supplying the restoration industry with Odell electronics cleaning stations for two decades. More info at