About RCRT

Facility Design

Free consultation to assist in the construction or expansion of your contents processing facility. Provide us with room measurements and we can diagram a proper layout that you can use to build out your facility. Plumbing and electrical schematics included free of charge.

Ultrasonic Training

Hands on training with your equipment (any brand) is offered as part of our onsite training package. Step by step instructions on how to clean various material types are included in the course manual. Proper maintenance and chemistry ratios are reviewed and tested. This is a must for all personnel who are involved your contents division.


Building a contents estimate is made easy with our template and code book. Learn how to find Xactimate items quickly and what to do when items are absent from the database. Improve margins significantly with standardized practices.

Step by Step

Create a repeatable claims process by achieving mastery at the pack out. This is done by following our trusted pack out process. Your day begins at your shop with supply selection and preparedness. Having each team member participate in a repeatable process creates a huge advantage against the daily challenges of contents restoration.


We are partnered with the technology team at Omegasonics to create a search engine optimization program that is specific to our industry. Familiarity with our customers is the key to success in online marketing. This is a not a one size fits all marketing campaign.  Click here for more information.

No method is sacred; think outside the box you are packing.

Our Mission

The mission of Real Contents Training LLC is simple. It is to educate professionals on the fundamentals of the Pack Out, Cleaning and Return of contents in a practical and expedient manner so that all who receive training can apply what they’ve learned immediately. Advanced method are also to be taught in an efficient manner.

  • Pack out is the foundation
  • Cleaning production has a flow
  • Return contents with confidence

Training is broken up into quick easy to learn steps for all experience levels. These methods are an amalgamation of experience, field level work and executive training. Trust that your team will be successful.

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