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Content Restoration Training

Real Contents Restoration Training (RCRT) is based on the understanding that all jobs require preparation and flexibility. Our training methodology is based on real techniques that are practiced every day at a high volume contents restoration company. These methods were developed in the field under a variety of circumstances. Come learn from the real professionals.

“We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.”


Top Training Topics Discussed

Pack Out

The Pack Out is the foundation of content restoration. Doing this right is the difference between making your margins and outsourcing your contents.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is a major element of efficiency in modern contents restoration. Just having ultrasonic cleaning does not make you a better restorer however. Learn how to maximize your equipment with hands-on training that cannot be found anywhere else.


Learn the simple way to invoice contents work and get paid. Case study methods are used from actual jobs. Move away from time and material invoicing to pick up the money that is being left behind.


Having a highly capable business is part of your mission. Getting customers to know you should go hand in hand with success. Learn how to effectively promote your contents division as the differentiating factor.


Inventory is part of what makes contents restoration a specialty service. Learn the right way to do inventory and never worry about lost items.


Electronics Cleaning & Data Recovery

Electronics restoration is a necessary part of handling contents and servicing the customer. Learn how to clean modern electronics using advanced techniques and equipment. Flat screen T.V.’s, drones, smart phones, gaming consoles, and computers can all be recovered using a safe aqueous method.

The experience…

Content restoration training is performed in a classroom setting as well as on-site and in the field. Contact us for information on advanced contents training workshops, on-site training and bi-lingual training. Programs are designed to emphasize your needs.

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Let us know where you are from, how long you have been servicing your community and what are your plans for future growth. There is a plan for making you a better contents restorer. Let’s make that plan!

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